Morning Drop Off — 7:45-8:25          School Hours — 8:30-3:35          Afternoon Pick-Up — 3:35-4:00

Morning drop-off students should report to the gym unless they are eating breakfast.  If a student is eating breakfast, they should report to the cafeteria upon arrival at school.  Once they have finished breakfast, they should then report to the gym.  The bell that will release students to Homeroom from the gym and/or cafeteria will ring at 8:15.  Students must remain in the gym (or cafeteria if eating breakfast) until 8:15.


West Hall Middle School will follow the same dress code as all Hall County Middle Schools.  This dress code is found below.


Students who reflect neatness, cleanliness and good taste are dressing for success. Student dress should not violate common safety, be a distraction, or cause a disruption of the educational process or the orderly operation of the school.

In general, clothing should be clean, neat, and not frayed. Shirt sleeves may not be rolled up. Clothing should fit properly, neither too loosely nor too tightly. All students should be dressed in a manner that reflects, rather
than distracts from, the learning process.

The following lists some of the types of clothing that can not be worn in any middle school:
• Trench coats
• Excessively baggy pants (must fit at waist)
• Gang related attire
• Sunglasses in the building
• Tube tops
• Strapless dresses
• See through clothing
• Mesh jersey without another shirt underneath
• Items with suggestive lettering, pictures, symbols, alcohol or drug depictions
• Mini skirts or mini dresses
• Sundresses
• Shirts without side seams
• Blouses, dresses or shirts that expose the stomach, sides or back; all shirts must reach the waist and cover the shoulders
• Sleeveless shirts
• Muscle shirts
• Hats, bandannas
• Spandex or Lycra clothing
• Clothes with holes or slits

Students are required to wear appropriate undergarments and shoes. Outerwear is at the discretion of each school principal. *Other general guidelines for what may or may not be allowed at school (including hair styles and coloring, jackets, jewelry, sun glasses, caps, hats, bandanas, etc.) will be given to students by the individual schools.

When in the judgment of the administration the dress requirements have not been met, students will not be permitted in classes or halls until the situation is corrected. Students wearing inappropriate clothing may be sent to in-school suspension for the remainder of the day, or parents may be called to bring a change of clothing. Second dress code violations may result in additional disciplinary action.

*Specific to West Hall Middle School, the following guidelines should be followed:
1. Straps on shirts and dresses must be at least 3 fingers’ width.
2. The hem of shorts and skirts must meet the top of a one-dollar bill placed at the bend of the back of the knee.
3.  Hair color may only include a natural hair color for people.
4. No piercings on the face or body that can cause class or school disruption.
5. Tattoos must be covered so that they are not visible to others.
6. No flip-flops or bedroom (“house”) shoes as they pose a safety hazard.

7. No sweatpants or pajama pants.

8.  Leggings are NOT pants.  If leggings are worn, the top worn with them must follow the rule in #2 (the hem must meet the top of a one-dollar bill placed at the bend of the back of the knee).

If you have additional questions, please contact the school at (770) 967-4871.


  • Drop-off and pick-up is only permitted within the yellow curbed area for all students’ safety.
  • Transportation changes must be turned into the front office in writing or faxed to 770-967-4874.
  • All students being picked up within the car rider line need to have a number assigned and in the car for pick-up.  If no number is assigned, the parent/guardian must come into the building with proper identification.  This is for the safety of the student.
  • No students will be allowed to cross the parking lot to waiting vehicles.
  • Afternoon check-outs will end at 3:15 pm.


Cell phones may not be used during the school day for any reason.  Cell phones are to be turned off and must stay in the student’s locker or bookbag.  Often, students have phones taken from them because a parent has sent them a text during the school day.  If you need to give your student a message during the school day, we will be happy to deliver the message in case of emergency.

If a student has an emergency and needs to call home, s/he will be allowed to do so from one of several phones in the front office area.


All calls for students who need to go home due to illness will come from the school nurse.  Please do not check out your student based on a text from your student.  Students who are ill must go to the clinic before checking out.


Students will only be allowed to have unflavored water in class.  If there is a medical reason for a student to have anything else to eat or drink in the classroom, a doctor’s note is required.

No outside food or beverage will be permitted in the cafeteria in its original containers from a restaurant.